LCS Load Covering Solutions

Company Description

Load Covering Solutions Inc. operates as a Subsidiary to Load Covering Trailer Solutions. The company is 44 years in business and has now located its USA head office in Cadiz KY. LCS is a specialized Rolling Tarp System manufacturer to all forms of open deck flatbed trailers starting from semi-45ft-53ft, truck body’s 16ft-30ft, Hot Shot GN, fender & deck over utility trailers 10ft-40ft, to over- dimensional trailers operating as large as 85ft Long x 20ft Tall x 26ft Wide. Cadiz will have a full line of walk in Cargo Control Equipment, steel and lumber flat tarps and a wide range of truck accessory equipment. LCS will supply & install new Agricultural and Aggregate tarp systems, provide parts and service as Dealers for both Rollrite & Shurco. LCS will offer inhouse replacement tarps.


Exterior Products & Services

  • Tarps / Covers