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Company Description

Heskins LLC is the trucking world’s number one supplier of safety tapes, producing a large range of DOTC2 conspicuity tapes, anti-slip tapes, heavy duty bonding tapes and specialized corrosion barrier and gravel guard tapes.


Producing a wide range of lengths, shapes, grades, and color that are all ready for immediate dispatch to the whole of North America and beyond. Heskins LLC utilizes lean manufacturing methods to create a wide range that is unavailable anywhere else.

Producing cost-effective, durable, and long-lasting products is Heskins LLC’s aim. This is achieved by ensuring the latest technologies in anti-slip and marking tape manufacturing are utilized to give the customer the best products for slip prevention and marking for increased safety and workflow efficiency.

Samples are available to allow you to see the quality first hand.

Heskins LLC offer a reseller service to allow any business to stock and supply Heskins products should they wish, with not only a dispatch service that allows products to arrive ready for retail, but a full marketing service with a photo download library and marketing media such as brochures and sample cards, branded to your own business if you desire, to allow you to sell your products effectively.

Custom options are available for both resellers and end-users. Dependent on order quantity, Heskins can produce anti-slip tapes and facility marking materials in specific sizes, shapes, and colors, with printed options available on certain products. This allows you to get exactly what you require for your business and facility.

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